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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wheelin' Willy & Friends PDF Files

(Coming Soon!)

Hi, I'm Willy Wilmer and these are my stories!
New Short Chapter Versions of all My Stories!

All my stories are readable on mobile devices.  To Read a Story, Please Click on a Title Link Below: 

 1.  Willy Moves to Curb-ville

1.  Willy Moves to Curb-ville (Buy The Short Chapter Version on Amazon)

 2.  Willy, Aspen, and the Missing Tuna-Fish Sandwich

 3.  Willy, Aspen, and the Cat in the Tree

 4.   Willy Plays Baseball

 5.  Willy and the Good Goblin

 6.  Me and My Wheelchair (A story for children 3 to 5 years old)

 7.  Willy Goes to Curb-cut-ville Children's Hospital

 8.  Willy and the Thanksgiving Play

 9.  Willy Goes to the Christmas Carnival
We love to play ball together!

10.  Willy and the School Valentine's Party

11.  Willy and the New School Bullies

Available for Purchase on Amazon for $1.00.  To purchase, click on the link below.

Willy and the Bullies (Chapter Version) 

12.  Willy and the Mystery Garden

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